You’ve Arrived At The Hub of Unexplained Inc.

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Welcome to the Phantom Hub. This is an extension of the podcast Unexplained Inc. The core philosophy of the podcast is to explore all things metaphysical, spiritual and unexplained in order to understand and obtain a higher level of consciousness and awareness throughout life.

This site provides links to all episodes, affiliates, motivation and a personal journey blog from Unexplained Inc.’s host Phantom Phil. Like the development of the show Phil is looking to expand the consciousness of not only himself but others he has encountered on his life’s journey thus far. Alongside the weekly dose of Motivational Metal, Phantom Phil will be publishing a blog about his wonderful and bizarre life’s journey up until this point.

The first entires of the blog are going to be The Four Pillars. Each pillar is a major motivating aspect of Phil’s life and connects the path to how he reached this current moment. During this series some of his friends contribute to each pillar with their own specific anecdotes about how they were helped along by the same force. Once that is complete Phil will reveal the next stages of his journey and take you the listener (or reader) with him on an exciting adventure. You also may learn a thing or two and use some of this positive momentum in your own life during these crazy tough times we are currently living in.

So remember to stay strong, stay health and stay even more curious with this site!